Recycled Water

Rapid Infiltration & Extraction

The San Bernardino Municipal Water Department's Water Reclamation Plant and Rapid Infiltration and Extraction (RIX) Facility reclaims millions of gallons of water a day which is ideal for many commercial and agricultural uses. This water can be used for things like industrial cooling systems, watering crops and large scale landscaping such as at golf courses.

Valuable Economic Resource

The Department's reclaimed water is a valuable economic resource for the City. SBMWD is always looking for ways to better utilize this asset. The reclaimed water is currently discharged into the Santa Ana River where it contributes to other existing water flows and adds to the habitat for several kinds of fish and birds.

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The Water Department sees this water as a commodity that can be used to the economic benefit of the Inland Empire and the City of San Bernardino in industry, agriculture and landscaping.