Water Pressure

Water pressure within the water distribution system will vary depending on the elevation of your property in relation to the location of the reservoirs that support your area. Peak water use and routine water system maintenance operations can also cause water pressure to fluctuate in nearby areas. 

SBMWD has created an interactive map to help customers locate the average water pressure for properties. The data used to generate this map is dynamic, represents a range only, and the pressure is not static and can fluctuate with demand.  This information should not be used for development or site improvement purposes.  Please contact SBMWD Engineering at (909) 453-6175 for additional information on water pressure in your area.

Use the interactive pressure zone map.

  1. Low Water Pressure
  2. High Water Pressure

A decrease in water pressure could be caused by issues with the customer side plumbing system. The following list may help customers identify the source of low pressure.

Water Softeners

Customers using water softener devices may experience a decrease in water pressure due to incorrect sizing, clogs, or after plumbing services if the valve is not fully reopened.  

Pressure reducing valve

If a pressure regulator is installed on the property but there is excessively low pressure at every faucet the regulator should be checked by a qualified plumber to ensure appropriate settings.

Mineral Deposits

Low water pressure at one or only some of the faucets may be due to a buildup of mineral deposits from hard water.

Hot Water Heater: 

Low pressure with hot water only may be an issue with the water heater. Check the shut-off valve near the water heater to ensure it is fully open or consult a qualified plumber.  

Customer side water valves

The customer side water valve is located in the water meter box on the side closest to the home. The valve is turned “on” (opened) or “off” (closed) with a handle which should be able to move easily, without much force. Ensure the customer valve is fully open by carefully turning the handle parallel with the inlet pipe.

Private shutoff valves

The private shutoff valve is typically located at a hose bib in front of the property. If the private shutoff is closed or partially in the closed position water flow to the home will be restricted causing lowered water pressure.

Customer side leaks

Undetected leaks on the property are a common cause of lowered water pressure. The water meter is an excellent tool to help identify leaks on the property. View the How to Read Your Water Meter page to learn more.