2022 Adopted Rate Changes

On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department's (SBMWD or Department) Water Board approved a five-year schedule of water and wastewater rate changes. The rate changes are needed to respond to the Department's revenue requirements and to keep pace with the rising costs of providing trusted, quality water and wastewater services. The increases will take effect on April 1, 2022, with subsequent annual increases on July 1, 2022, through July 1, 2025.

The Water Board's vote to adopt water and wastewater rate changes followed a public hearing held at Feldheym Central Library and public forum meetings to inform customers of the new rates.

SBMWD is dedicated to keeping customers informed throughout the process.  View a recording of the public rate hearing and a community meeting presentation below or on SBMWD's YouTube channel

Frequently Asked Questions

View a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Water and Wastewater Rate Changes. 

What to know about the adopted rate changes

  • As a public agency, SBMWD cannot earn a profit from the services it provides and must charge no more than the actual costs 
  • SBMWD adopted a four-year schedule of water and wastewater rate changes
  • Most residential customers will see an average bill increase of approximately $3.00 per month beginning April 1, 2022

In compliance with Proposition 218, SBMWD is notifying all record owners of properties upon which the proposed charges will be imposed and any tenants who are directly liable for the payment of such charges (i.e. customers of record who are not property owners.) 

How will the adopted rate changes affect my bill?

SBMWD wants customers to understand the bill impacts of the adopted rate changes. The table below lists an *average Single Family Residential customer's combined monthly water and wastewater bill and shows how that bill would change with the adopted rates. 

Bill Impact Table

*Bill is calculated as 5/8" meter size with usage of 18 Hundred Cubic Foot (13,500 gallons) of water. 

What are the adopted rate changes?

English 218 PDF

View the full schedule of adopted rate changes mailed to homeowners and customers on January 20, 2022, within this Proposition 218 Notice 

A Spanish language version of the Proposition 218 Notice is also available here:  PROPUESTA DE CAMBIOS EN LAS TARIFAS DE AGUA Y AGUAS RESIDUALES 

As a part of the Department's commitment to transparent operations, SBMWD created this notice to:

  • Inform you about all rate changes that may affect your bill
  • Let you know the reasons for the water and wastewater rate changes
  • Provide information about the public hearing held on March 8, 2022.

Why is a rate adjustment needed?

Several factors have driven the decision to update SBMWD's water and wastewater rates. SBMWD has not adopted increases to its water and wastewater rates in more than five years, during which time SBWMD's expenses and projected future revenue requirements have changed considerably. 

Cost of Service Study

A rate-setting process began last year when SBWMD hired an independent financial consulting firm to conduct an extensive Cost of Service analysis of the Department's revenues and rate structures. The study found that if rates remain unchanged, SBMWD's operational and capital costs will rise to levels greater than what current rates and charges can support. Additionally, the study identified opportunities for SBMWD to establish simplified water and wastewater rates that promote greater transparency and equity across all rate classes reflecting current costs and circumstances. 

View the Final Comprehensive Cost of Services and Rate Structure Study 

Key objectives of the adopted water and wastewater rates are to:

  • Promote transparency by adopting a simplified rate structure
  • Provide revenue stability
  • Maintain affordable and equitable billing
  • Adequately respond to emergency drought curtailments
  • Maintain water supply reliability
  • Encourage water use efficiency

How do we compare?

Bill Comparison Table of Local Water Agencies