How to Identify SBMWD Employees

By Phone

Please Note: SBMWD will never demand direct payment over the phone. 

Confirm you are speaking with an employee of the City of San Bernardino Municipal Water Department by:

  • Checking your caller ID
  • Asking for the employee's name
  • Hanging up and calling SBMWD's customer service line at (909) 384-5095

In Person

Occasionally, customers inform us that someone has asked to enter their home to "test the water" or check a water pipe or meter. 

Be alert: this is not a San Bernardino Water Department employee. Unless you have specifically requested a scheduled inspection or water test SBMWD staff will not ask to enter your home. 

While these visitors may give the impression that they represent SBMWD, they do not. Some may be salespeople from private companies. Others may be attempting to gain unauthorized access to your home. 

Don't fall for Utility Scams

SBMWD Employee and Vehicle

Knowing the difference between a scam or a sales pitch and a visit from SBMWD could prevent you from becoming a victim of false representation. Look for the following to check if the visitor is a Department employee.

  • SBMWD employees drive official vehicles marked with the Department's seal. 
  • SBMWD employees carry a photo ID badge. 
  • SBMWD employees will NOT ask to enter your home.
  • SBMWD employees will not request or collect payment at your home or ask for your payment information over the phone. 

Concerned? Call us!

If you are concerned about someone who has approached or called your home regarding water and/or wastewater services, call (909) 384-5141 (available 24-hours a day). 

If at any time you feel you are in danger, call 911.